INKRU furniture is made with rare and valuable species of wood, selected according to colour and growth-ring patterns, as well as being varied in shape – which determines the unique nature of the pieces offered. INKRU jewellery is manufactured from pure titanium and fastened on a string of natural leather or silk.

The elements of construction and ornaments are refined with brass and titanium, clear or silver-coated – depending on the individual features of each piece and the artist’s conception.

INKRU functions as jewelry meant to accentuate the prestige of domestic interiors. Stemming from the dawn of time, the need for personal adornment is strong to this day, working as a token of power and wealth. In its intention, INKRU is an oversized jewel, a gemstone in the crown of the domicile, a miniature work of art.

INKRU furniture is ordinarily made with pieces of wood cut across the tree trunk, highlighting its natural appearance. With the passage of time and due to conditioning natural cracks may appear on the surface, in no way diminishing the value of the piece. Certain varieties of wood, upon grinding and polishing, display ‘holographic‘ features– the cross-section reveals glittering fibers, when skillfully exposed give the surface a three-dimensional effect.


In order to maintain the highest quality of usage the top is enforced with metal on it’s underside, whereas maintenance is done with top-quality Danish oils, which penetrate the structure of the wood deeply, reducing the stress generated by work. Careful impregnation of the wood makes it resistant to factors such as water or food products.

Both the incrusted wood as well as the jewellery are hand-made with the use of pure titanium. In its natural form it has a color reminiscent of silver and steel, while the coloring is done by creating oxide films on the surface. A number of the resulting colors, holographic engravings and transitions in shades are original and exclusive to INKRU.

INKRU titanium jewellery is durable and flexible – the bracelets, for instance, may be freely adjusted to individual body built by bending and unbending without fear of breaking. The maintenance is equally simple, as no specialized substances or tools are required – it is enough to wash the metal with soap and water, dry and gently polish with a soft cloth in order to regain the shine and intensity of colors. It is also possible to decide not to do so in order to gain a more faded look, depending on personal preference.
Titanium is a rare and valuable metal of impressive properties. It is hard and durable while being relatively lightweight (approx. 45% more so than steel). It is immune to corrosion, UV rays, saltwater, chlorinated water and most importantly – it is hypoallergenic. While difficult to work on it proves and ideal material for creating jewellery.

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