The Banshee Grip titanium anklet is a piece of minimalistic jewellery designed to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty by making her gently blink and sparkle with fabulous shades of violet. It is a perfect gift for those who love mystic and sexy themes and .

The surface has been anodized with shades of purple.

INKRU titanium jewellery is durable and flexible – the bracelets may be freely adjusted to individual body built by bending and unbending without fear of breaking. The maintenance is equally simple, as no specialized substances or tools are required – it is enough to wash the metal with soap and water, dry and gently polish with a soft cloth in order to regain the shine and intensity of colors. It is also possible to decide not to do so in order to gain a more faded look, depending on personal preference.

Titanium is a rare and valuable metal of impressive properties. It is hard and durable while being relatively lightweight (approx. 45% more so than steel). It is immune to corrosion, UV rays, saltwater, chlorinated water and most importantly – it is hypoallergenic. While difficult to work on it proves and ideal material for creating jewellery.