The name INKRU refers directly to incrustation – an art of adorning surfaces with the use of precious materials. The first pieces adorned this way originate from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The slots cut in the base material were fitted with fragments of ivory, tortoise shell and metals – including gold, mother of pearl, gemstones and other species of wood – resulting in richly ornamented, contrastive surfaces. The high point of the incrustation technique falls on the break of the 17th and 18th centuries, mainly due to the work of Andre Charles Boulle, the most prominent French furniture maker.


Attributed to André-Charles BoulleCabinet (Cabinet des Médailles), about 1710 – 1715, Oak and fir veneered with ebony, amaranth, kingwood, brass, and tortoise shell, gilt-bronze mounts; sarrancolin des Pyrénée.Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.


INKRU gathers from the craft of historical periods in an innovative and modern way – the surface of the wood is fitted with custom-cut tiles of brass, titanium, additionally anodized to give them a varied range of colours. Monolithic slices of wood ornamented with metallic patterns are what identifies the brand.



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