Curious treasure from Schönwald


Much like the sea which, obeying the ancient laws of the tide, washes ashore amber, gold and fragments of sunken ships – so does the forest, at times, leave on its borders tidings of elegant coffee tables or jewellery.

Although the history of forests giving birth to treasure is not documented so precisely – save for certain bombastic and faux passages in Pliny’s Historia Naturalis – the Modern Journal of Unorthodox Geography does mention certain woodland locations where riches tends to appear in unexplained ways. These places include the Crooked Forest in Nowy Czarnów, Poland, the Red Forest located near the Ukrainian village of Prypat, Chestnut Hills in Wisconsin, USA and finally Schönwald. Understandably, the villagers of Schönwald are reluctant to comment on such revelations, stubbornly claiming that someone simply keeps abandoning the jewels there.

This is, of course, nonsense. The pieces come on their own. Trampling the soft moss they creep through the undergrowth, rocking on legs of brass they wade through rotten Autumn leaves, they glitter with titanium incrustation as they sneak between the gloomy trees and – to the music of creaking wood – march straight into the INKRU delivery van.The jewellery, on the other hand, ripens on tree branches where, pecked by birds, announces the time for harvest by gently jingling in the breeze.

INKRU, however, is not situated in Schönwald itself. For obvious reason. The company’s office is located in Gliwice, along with a small furniture workshop fitted with specialist equipment essential for finishing the pieces, such as a grinder-polisher, a wine aerator and Marcelina Moretta.




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